is a creative international entertainment group, focusing on Films /TV Show Productions, and Music Productions. The operational entities are registered as YMC FILMS LLC in New York, USA and YMC ENTERTAINMENT GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany. YMC FILMS LLC, the origin of the YMC Entertainment Group, was founded in 2008 by Yvonne Maria Schaefer. To operate on the international film market and to cover its clients’ needs, YMC ENTERTAINMENT GmbH was founded in 2012 in Germany, it supports the US based production division.


produces feature films for the international film market, develops scripts, assists in packaging, producing and works in cooperation with international production partners. YMC has a worldwide network of renowned actors, musicians, directors and screenwriters and works on a project-by-project basis.

YMC is securing funding and distribution, as well as international talent, key crew and additional production partners, if needed and acquires rights to completed independent US feature films, to sell them in European Markets.



Almost all German states grant funds and additional soft money depending on local expenditure. In addition, a number of regional film funds provide support to productions of any budget. International co-productions like “Monument Men” and “Inglorious Basterds” have profited among many, many others from the German funding program.

YMC consults in applying to German Film Funds. International co-producers can qualify for the German Federal Film Fund, which distributes EUR 60 million yearly, to increase production activities in the German film industry. YMC consults in sales and distribution for independent films, especially in foreign markets and offers the necessary strategic solution to it. YMC offers as well English / German screenplay translation and adoption.



Already one year after YMC was founded, the company had great success in producing multiple films with renowned actors. The international interest in the company increased substantially.

2009 YMC produced the successful film FORGET ME NOT, directed by Federico Castelluccio. 2011 YMC co-produced an adaptation of a bestselling novel by Sebastian Fitzek, titled THE CHILD (2012). YMC attached the US cast and developed the US portion of this production. The feature film with an international cast, Peter Greene (The Mask), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Sunny Mabrey (Triple XXX), Ben Becker (Comedian Harmonists), Reiner Schoene (The Eiger Sanktion), Dieter Hallervorden (Der Doppelgaenger) and Clemens Schick (James Bond – Casino Royal), was released in theatres.YMC produced CHECKMATE KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER (2013) starring Bill Sadler (The Greene Mile, Shawshank Redemption) and Manny Perez (La Soga), the feature Documentary film THE CUBAN HERD (2016), featuring international renown music artists like Los Aldeanos and the Documentary STICK EM UP (2014) and many more.

Further YMC productions are:

BONFIRE (2017) (Writer/Producer) (Feature Film)

CAFE RESISTANCE (2017) (Producer) (Feature Film)

GOD AND CHURCHILL (2017) (Producer) (Feature Film)

RICKSHAW GIRL (2017) (Co-Producer) (Feature Film)

NO HATE (2017) (Co-Producer) (Feature Film)

OUTCALL (2016) (Producer) (Original TV Series Pilot)

THE CUBAN HERD (2016) (Producer) (Feature Documentary)

MEIN AHNENLAND PERU (2016) (Co-Producer) (Feature Documentary)

VOODO (2016) (Writer/Producer)

CHARLIE, TREVOR AND A GIRL SAVANAH (2015) (Associate-Producer)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (2015) (Writer/Producer) (Short Film)

SURI FREY, (2014) (Co-Producer)

STICK EM UP RELOADED (2014) (Co-Producer) (Feature Documentary)

THE CHILD (2012) (Co-Producer) (Feature Film)

APT 5K (2011) (Writer/Producer)

FORGET ME NOT (2009) (Producer)



YMC MUSIC is the Music publishing division, focusing in recorded music and music publishing. YMC owns and administers copyrights to musical compositions, discovers and develops recording artists. YMC Music signed on the newcomer singer and songwriter ELL MORRISON from the UK. Peter Ries, an award winning music producer, who worked among others with N’Sync and Kylie Minogue, recorded with Ell the soundtrack for the film THE CHILD and CHECKMATE.






Yvonne Maria Schaefer was born and was raised in Frankfurt Main Germany. Early on in her career she began as a model and actress. Later on Yvonne worked internationally. In the 1990´s meanwhile studying at the Goethe University in Frankfurt / Germany, she focused more intently on her acting career and studied drama. During her studies, she worked in numerous Films, TV Series and stage productions. Through her passion and participation in extreme sports, the Maxim Lifestyle Magazine voted Yvonne Maria Schaefer as the “Action Girl”. After living part time in Asia and Spain, Yvonne moved in 2008 to New York City and founded the Film Production Company YMC Films. In the States Yvonne Maria Schaefer has been successfully working as both, an actress and a producer. In 2012 Yvonne founded a second company in Frankfurt, Germany YMC Entertainment.