Getty Images (USA) Getty Images: The Albuquerque Media Experience with Robert Redford
Yvonne Maria Schaefer at the Hilland Theatre at the historic Route 66

Examiner (USA) “Financing your film and distribution” panelists included, Mark Min, Bob Singer, Peter Touche, Yvonne Maria Schaefer, Joshua Michael Stern and Sylvia Caminer

NY Daily News (USA) Matt Dillon giving photographers the slip by sneaking through SVA theater’s side door to a screening of Federico Castelluccio’s “Keep Your Enemies Closer, Checkmate….

News 12 Brooklyn (USA) ‘Sopranos’ actors David Proval, Federico Castelluccio film mob movie ‘Lily of the Feast’ in Williamsburg

New York Post (USA) FORGET ME NOT – Film at Soho House New York

The Hollywood Reporter (USA) ‘Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah’: Film Review

Getty Images (USA) ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer: Checkmate’ screening at SVA Theater on October 1, 2012 in New York City.

Getty Images (USA) ‘Checkmate’ screening Question and Answer

New York Post (USA) Castelluccio taking ‘Lily of the Feast’ to the big screen (USA) Santa Fe ‘Checkmate’ Premiere (USA) Santa Fe ‘Checkmate’ Premiere

Fandango (USA) Fandango Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah

LA Weekly (USA) LA Weekly ‘Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah’

Frankfurter Neue Presse (Germany) Yvonne, die Überfliegerin
Yvonne Maria Schäfer ist mit wenigen Worten kaum zu beschreiben. Action Girl wurde sie genannt, weil sie ihre Stunts selbst gemacht hat.;art675,59035

Daily News (USA) Celebrity side dish: Celebrities frolic at White House Correspondents

Palm Beach Daily News (USA) Leaders in Furthering Education…

Various other press (world wide) Leaders in Furthering Education…



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