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 YMC ENTERTAINMENT and YMC FILMS is an international film and music production company with a worldwide network of renowned actors, musicians, directors, writers and composers.

To optimize productions, achieve goals and generate interest in productions and products, YMC creates targeted and effective content as well as an audience-oriented content marketing strategy and supports its implementation.

YMC Films LLC was founded in 2008 by Yvonne Maria Schaefer in New York City and is the origin of YMC Entertainment Group.
In 2012, YMC Entertainment GmbH was founded in Germany to operate efficiently on the international market.


Over the years YMC has been involved in over 50 international film productions.

With more than a decade of experience and it's broad network, YMC assists to develop films for the international market, creates content and texts for pitch decks, consults in cast, crew, locations, and budgeting  to meet necessary requirements for international partners and film funds. 

YMC assists in distributions

With a high-end fully equipped partner recording studio, YMC offers all kinds of audio productions, einschliesslich Radiowerbung, voice overs, adaptions, music recordings , mixing and arrangements.

eting  to meet necessary requirements for international partners and film funds and assists in disri

YMC offers:

Film consulting services,

Production, script development, concepting and budgeting

Concept and text content for pitch decks

Key cast and crew connection

Music  productions

Commercials concepts and productions

Content conception

Commercial and image film script writing


FORGET ME NOT (2009), directed by Federico Castelluccio,

THE CHILD (2012), an adaptation of a bestselling novel by Sebastian Fitzek, with Peter Greene (The Mask), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Sunny Mabrey (Triple XXX), Ben Becker (Comedian Harmonists), Dieter Hallervorden (Der Doppelgaenger) and Clemens Schick (Casino Royal)

HOMESTAY (2019),with Robert LaSardo

CHECKMATE KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER (2013) with Bill Sadler (The Greene Mile)  The film was premiering at the  Robert Redford,supported AFME in New Mexico,

BERLIN I LOVE YOU (2018), with Hayden Panettiere (Nashville)

THE OTHER PATH (2019) filmed  in Istanbul.

Documentarie Co- Production include:



STICK EM UP (2014).












YVONNE MARIA SCHAEFER, founder YMC Entertainment Group, is an actress (SAG/AFTRA), awarded producer and world traveler.

In 2008 she founded the film production company YMC Films in New York and in 2012 a branch in Frankfurt, Germany.


Yvonne was involved in over 50 international film production. 

Productions include, FORGET ME NOT (2009), THE CHILD (2012), CHECKMATE, KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER (2013), STICK EM UP RELODED (2015), THE CUBAN HERD (2016),  GLORY PERU (2018), HOME STAY (2018), BERLIN I LOVE YOU (2018), THE OTHER PATH (2020)  

As an actress she can be seen in CHECKMATE, THE CHILD, THE BROOKLYN BANKER, HOME STAY, LITTLE WEST 12th STREET and more. 
Yvonne consults many international film productions and is executive advisor for other companies, including Mercaptor Discoveries Pharmaceuticals, where she was Chairman of the Executive Advisory Board.


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